Why I Brush My Enamel With ‘Filth’ After I Journey

I may be a bit “obsessive” on the subject of packing nicely. I get pleasure from a well-packed carry-on — one which’s not solely gentle but additionally takes into consideration issues like minimizing liquids. Which is how I got here to start out brushing my enamel with grime — nicely, The Filth — after I journey.

Let me clarify.

For years, I’ve pared down my journey package with the obsessiveness of a hoarder, however in reverse. It began after I was touring the Caribbean and Mexico for 2 weeks each month. I made a decision to shave my head. This was partly out of consolation since no hair means much less warmth retention, but it surely additionally meant I might pack much less in my toiletries bag (no extra shampoo or large cans of Aquanet!).

The less liquids I keep on, the extra room I’ve in my single, TSA-approved quart-sized Ziploc bag for bottles of bourbon. Amiright?

I purchased strong sunscreen sticks as an alternative of lotions and roll-on insect repellent as an alternative of spray.

I began packing solely a sliver of emergency cleaning soap on the off-chance that my lodge didn’t have any (uncommon). However, for probably the most half, I relied on my lodge’s free tub merchandise. And I acquired by simply advantageous.

However, I nonetheless needed to pack liquid toothpaste. Which actually put a crimp within the objective of downsizing my liquids. That is necessary as a result of, frankly, the less liquid toiletries I keep on, the extra room I’ve in my single, TSA-approved quart-sized Ziploc bag for bottles of bourbon. Amiright?

Then, I came upon about The Filth — a non-liquid “Hint Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder.” So, after all, I disappeared down the rabbit gap of to search out out what the hell powdered toothpaste was. I learn far more critiques and science and the Wikipedia web page for “bentonite clay” than any individual ought to have to learn in a lifetime.

Then I purchased some. That is what I’ve discovered up to now …

The Filth Tooth Powder Evaluation

The Dirt tooth powder in Super Mint flavor

The Filth Tooth Powder (Tremendous Mint)

The Skinny on The Filth Powdered Toothpaste

So … what’s it? The corporate describes The Filth tooth powder as:

… an all pure and enjoyable various to toothpaste! Our powder is made with elements so protected you possibly can eat them.

To make use of, merely faucet a moist toothbrush right into a jar of The Filth and watch it stick with your brush like magic! Brush as you usually would, to disclose wholesome clear enamel naturally!

The corporate goes on to say that it’s:

  • Straightforward to make use of
  • 100% Pure Components
  • Fluoride-free
  • Naturally whitening
  • Slightly goes a great distance! As much as 6 months of servings in a single giant jar.
  • Tastes nice naturally (no GMO-derived Xylitol)
  • No corn, soy or gluten

That’s all stuff my enamel like to listen to!

What’s In It?

I opted for the Tremendous Mint taste which incorporates solely all-natural elements together with:

  • Further advantageous bentonite clay
  • Pure baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Inexperienced tea extract
  • Wasabi extract
  • Organically extracted hexane-free stevia (stevia rebaudiana)
  • Proprietary mix of mint important oils

The Dirt Tooth Powder (Super Mint)

The Filth Tooth Powder (Tremendous Mint)

The Traveler’s Take

How Do You Use It?

I used to be skeptical that dipping a moist toothbrush in a jar stuffed with advantageous powder would end in a sticky, gunky mess. However, it’s surprisingly clear and easy to make use of.

You moist your toothbrush and faucet off the surplus water. Then, dip the damp bristles into the jar of The Filth. Lastly, faucet off the surplus powder and brush as regular.

I anticipated it to really feel gritty like making an attempt to dry-brush with sidewalk chalk. However the pure moisture in your mouth is sufficient to make it really feel such as you’re brushing with common, non- powdered toothpaste. It’s not fairly as silky easy as toothpaste, possibly 80% as easy. The distinction is negligible.

How Does It Style?

The Filth has a easy, delicate mintiness that doesn’t really feel prefer it’s carpet-bombing my mouth.

In a phrase: scrumptious! After my first use, I noticed simply how chemically most business toothpaste tastes. The Tremendous Mint taste of The Filth has a easy, delicate mintiness that doesn’t really feel prefer it’s carpet-bombing my mouth with CRISPMINTYFRESHNESS!!! to get it clear.

By comparability, the Sensodyne I’ve been utilizing for just a few years has a barely astringent mouthfeel. Prefer it’s working a little bit too arduous to get my enamel and mouth clear.

The Filth Tooth Powder Dentist Opinions

Like I stated, I learn manner an excessive amount of about this. I ought to, proper? Since I’m contemplating abandoning the 100% ADA-approved fluoride-rich brand-name toothpaste I’ve been utilizing for years. I needed to listen to what dentists needed to say.

Many of the critiques and interviews with dentists identified two foremost issues. First, the first lively ingredient in The Filth is bentonite clay. It’s a time-tested, all-natural substance. “The true good thing about bentonite clay is that it’s abrasive sufficient to take away the plaque, however not a lot so that it’s going to do harm to your enamel,” William Graves, DMD advised Self journal.

To get scientific: silica is a typical abrasive utilized in many brand-name sorts of toothpaste. Whereas tooth enamel is in the course of the Mohs Hardness Scale at a 5, silica is a 7 (talc hits 1 on the dimensions, 10 is for diamonds). Clays resembling bentonite rating round 2 on the hardness scale, making them a lot much less abrasive than silica and unlikely to ever harm tooth enamel. That is, after all, a superb factor.

BUT, The Filth is deliberately freed from fluoride. Based on the American Dental Affiliation, it is a important part to assist shield your mouth towards cavities. It’s been confirmed to remineralize weak spots in tooth enamel. A spokesperson for the ADA, Dr. Kim Harms, advised Yahoo, “The primary massive star, the ingredient that may scale back 25 p.c of cavities, is fluoride. That’s what you at all times wish to search for in your toothpaste.”

In an interview with Yahoo Magnificence, makers of The Filth countered, “We eschew fluoride in our merchandise, as one among our core beliefs in sustaining good well being is to supply the vitamin your physique wants from entire meals, minerals, and herbs.” They went on to quote European international locations like Denmark, Holland, and Sweden faucet the place water has by no means been handled with fluoride.

So, fluoride works. Anybody who is aware of what they’re speaking about within the dental world agrees that it really works. However, at what price?

The Filth Tooth Powder: Earlier than and After

I’ve at all times taken excellent care of my enamel: brushing each day, flossing (more often than not), and ensuring to not drink an excessive amount of espresso. Nonetheless, the whiteness of my enamel has pale over time. So, I’m not anticipating teeth-whitening miracles from utilizing The Filth. I’m simply hoping that it helps.

As for the all-important “earlier than and after” pictures … test again in a few month. I’ve solely simply began utilizing The Filth, so it’s too early to inform how a lot of a distinction it’ll or received’t make.

Purchase The Filth Tooth Powder

The Filth Tooth Powder isn’t low cost. A six-month jar direct from The Filth web site is about $30.

However, should you solely wish to attempt it and also you’re not able to commit that a lot, you may rating a small journey measurement jar of this tooth powder on Amazon for much much less.

Have You Tried The Filth Tooth Powder?

What was your expertise with it?

If not, would you attempt an all-natural powdered toothpaste like The Filth? Tell us within the feedback under!

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