Thirteen amazing destinations to travel alone.

Thirteen amazing destinations to travel alone.  If you’re thinking of taking a trip alone, you can’t miss one of these thirteen safe, unconventional and adventure-filled destinations.

Few activities are as exhilarating as traveling alone. Make new friends, discover the wide world and even learn a thing or two about yourself. No matter what fate you and your backpack have, the experience will well be worth it.

Here are thirteen amazing destinations to travel alone so you can pick one and live a fantastic adventure on your next vacation.

Thirteen amazing destinations to travel alone

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is considered one of the most prestigious wine regions on the planet. The center of the idyllic city of Bordeaux is one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites and a great place to travel alone.

There you can see the beautiful architecture of the eighteenth century, get to know the Gothic Cathedral of San Andrés and the grandiose Plaza de la Bourse, one of the most notorious places in the city.

You can enjoy your dinner with a wine from the region, in one of the beautiful brasseries or in one of the casual wine bars located along the cobblestone streets of this city. To admire some of the city’s most breathtaking views, rent a bike for less than $2.50 per day and pedal along the river.

You can also take a tour of the historic vineyards and picturesque shops in the medieval village St. Emilion, which is only an hour away, traveling by train. It’s the perfect way to take a one-day tour,

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, once an active commercial port on Vietnam’s central coast. Today it is a city where different cultures and architectures are mixed. This place is known for its high quality garments at affordable prices. Here you can buy everything: T-shirts, shorts, costumes and dresses. You can even send your own garment for a reasonable price; the perfect gift for you on a singles trip.

Cars are not allowed in the city centre, so stroll through the old town and admire the cozy cafes and charming historic houses along the canals and alleyways.
Another option, get on a bike to tour the city or even take a guided bike tour. You can also pedal to the pristine An Bang Beach, just 5 km away.

Hoi An’s diverse culinary offering arises from Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese influences. Many restaurants offer cooking classes, it would be a great experience to try to learn how to cook new dishes. Finally, don’t forget to try a cau lao bowl, the iconic noodle dish found only in Hoi An.

Ghent, Belgium

In Ghent, you’ll find delicious beer, wonderful waffles and exquisite chocolate. This is a city that you can easily explore on foot, located in the Flanders region of Belgium.

Take a boat ride to enjoy the most beautiful views of the city. Another option is to walk at night along the water. The city will light up with thousands of lights.

Enjoy one of the sweet waffles at one of the food stalls in Vrijdagmarkt, the central market. There you can also have a beer in a typical pub, for example, the Tavern Dulle Griet café, known for its eclectic décor and menu with more than 250 Belgian beers.

Take a stroll through the beautiful Patershol district to the north of the city. The city’s bohemian center emits a relaxed atmosphere, and its streets are full of trendy bars and cozy restaurants. You will find flavors from all corners of the world and sure until you can make some new friend.

Thirteen amazing destinations to travel alone

Thirteen amazing destinations to travel alone

Split, Croatia

Taking a walk around Split is almost like visiting the Roman era. The ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, built in the 4th century, are now part of the old town. Characterized by historic buildings, narrow streets and the walls of a fortress. Enter through the bronze gate, one of its four entrances to reach the coastal promenade known as Riva.

In the green market you will find fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. But if you want to try the delicious seafood dishes do not forget to dine in one of the typical taverns like Konoba Matejuska.

Split offers a variety of hostels for solo travellers. But they want to socialize with others. In addition, there are organized visits to the pubs and the dens of the place. During the day, you can have fun participating in a friendly picigin game (which involves throwing and catching a ball in shallow water) on Baavivice Beach or follow the party with a sailing tour along the Dalmation coast.

Baños, Ecuador

Rent a mountain bike and ride along the Cascade Route. Pedal uphill between jungles and roaring waterfalls.
Baños, is a city known for its natural baths, fed by the hot springs of tungurahua volcano. You can swim in La Piscina de la Virgen, which is located at the base of the waterfall.

To take that picture that will impress your friends at home, take the bus to Tree House. A high swing hangs from the tree house and once in motion it will look like you’re floating over the tropical forest near the active volcano.

Although it’s one of the safest cities in the country, unfortunately, occasional thefts happen, so keep your valuables out of sight. Avoid walking home late, if you need to take money do it during the day and don’t carry large amounts of cash.

Gyeongju, South Korea

If you decide to travel alone to this city, you’ll realize it’s a way to find yourself. Especially if you walk through the Historical Areas of Gyeongju. These UNESCO World Heritage Sites protect Bulguksa Temple, a masterpiece of Buddhist art and home to many of South Korea’s national treasures. Ancient pagodas, bridges and stairs lead to the bronze statues of Buddha and the sariras (Buddhist relics). Look up, on the roofs of the temple you will find colorful decorations and ornaments in lotuses.

Be sure to visit the beautiful Seokguram Grotto, very close to the temple. The seated Buddha, surrounded by stone guards, is so fragile that visitors can only make a short visit and photographs are not allowed. Follow the Buddha’s gaze, the view from the grotto stretches along Mount Tohamsan towards the Sea of Japan.

Don’t forget to go to Gyeongju National Park, or if you prefer, you can go to Homigot Beach in neighboring Pohang. Two giant hands spring from the sea, hands of harmony and coexistence, with your feet in the sand and arms stretched out to the sky: you’ve finally arrived.

Florianopolis, Brazil

Locally known as Floripa, this is a paradise island for students and backpackers looking for the ideal beaches and parties. The yellow arches of the Public Market house plenty of craft stalls and shops with local dishes.

The best way to spend the afternoon is to bathe in sun and water on one of the 40 beaches on the island. The hardest thing will be to choose between the seemingly indomitable Praia do Matadeiro or the beach Jurero lined by carefree bars. The movement of the day gives way to a murmur: the bars and dens turn up the volume on their neon dance floors. When you return home you admire the lights of the suspension bridge Hercilio Luz reflecting in the waters leading to the central land of Florianopolis.

Toronto Canada.

In this beautiful and fantastic city, more than 200 languages are spoken and it has a population of 6.1 million inhabitants. Here you can feel very happy, as they welcome you with open arms by the “most multicultural city on the planet”.

The best season to visit is during the summer. The streets are full of locals and travelers looking to satisfy their festival hunger. The International Jazz Beaches Festival is at the top of the list, offers 24 days of free public concerts throughout July and features some of the most recognized names on the jazz scene.

Or if you prefer, you can watch the Caribana Festival Parade where Caribbean communities are held with the largest street festival in North America. Without a doubt, this is a destination to travel alone.

Thimphu, Bhutan

If you are looking for an independent travel experience that will make you appreciate life, Bhutan is the right destination.

Bhutan is known for its monasteries-fortress located in the mountains and for having a higher “gross national happiness” than its gross domestic product. The country opened its doors to international tourism just thirty years ago and has not yet been remarkably influenced by the Western world. In fact, the state vigorously protects its roots and culture. To travel to this region, prior approval is required and needs to be paid in advance through a group tour. Which offer a selection of exotic trips for curious travelers who want to explore this mystical Buddhist kingdom.

And wow, these Buddhists enjoy the festivities! Food, song and dance festivals take place throughout the year in Bhutan. So the moment you visit you’ll find something worth celebrating.

Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand is an amazing place to travel. You can see the landscapes where scenes from the film “The Lord of the Rings” were filmed around Wellington. But you can also go to Queenstown. This village on the shores of a lake really deserves its nickname: “The Capital of the Adventures of the World”. More than a million visitors gather here each year for whitewater rafting, paratroopering and bungee jumping. The resorts with black pistes allow skiing through the Remarkables mountain range.

Gothenburg, Sweden

This is one of the most beautiful regions in the world, albeit a bit expensive. Stockholm often hoards them, yet the friendly city of Gothenburg has enough Scandinavian culture and style to keep you entertained. It often offers prices more accessible than the capital, making it a friendliest destination for the lone traveler.

When you visit this city, you will be seducidating the delicious aromas emanating from the Botanical Garden of Gothenburg. One of the most flowery places in all of Europe. Enjoy a snack at Stora Saluhallen Food Market and take the Paddan boat tour. This relaxing promenade will introduce you to the inner city along its 17th century canals, passing under twenty different bridges.

But this brilliant city goes beyond its ancient fortifications. This is the floor from which several national talents in design have sprung up. You’ll find out as you stroll through the boutiques of modern Magasinsgatan Street, as well as the world centre for fashion and applied arts, the R-hsska Museum.

Holbox, Mexico

Holbox is an oasis in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Away from the great resorts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. If you travel alone and want to disconnect from the world, Holbox is your ideal destination. Its tranquil emerald green sea, car-free sandy streets and ecochic hotels are the pretext you need to venture to this small island.

Bali, Indonesia

If it’s your thing to know other cultures and be dazzled by the small details, Indonesia shouldn’t be missing from your list of countries to know if you’re traveling alone. Just take a few steps around Bali’s streets and natural areas to understand it.

Bali is an island, but one where you can find two well-tested environments: that of its tropical forests, full of monasteries and temples perfect for abstraction, and that of its crystal clear beaches with brightly colored sands, ideal for relaxation.

After learning a little more about these amazing destinations to travel alone, you just need to decide what your destination will be on your next vacation and prepare your trip for an unforgettable experience.

Thirteen amazing destinations to travel alone

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