The best tips for going on vacation with your baby

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby. There is a belief that we must take advantage of the early years of our youth to travel and know the world. Because when adulthood comes to us and, above all, fatherhood, things will get complicated. However, traveling with babies or children is a real pleasure.

Obviously, things can get complicated when we travel with young children. We have to be aware that we no longer have the same freedom to do what we want. However the well-being of the little ones is now the most important thing.

It’s natural that when planning your first vacation with your baby, have some doubts. For example, don’t quite know which destination to choose or how to organize it, and even get to think that traveling with a baby isn’t a good option. But the latter will never be a good option.

That’s why we’ve compiled a number of tips that will make you feel much safer planning your trip.

Tips for going on vacation with your baby.

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby

Plan your trip.

First, you should be very aware that it’s not a good idea to take a spontaneous journey if you’re going to take your young child. It can be a very high risk if you go on an adventure to see what happens. If you’re preparing a trip with your baby, it’s important to have a well-thought-out, organized plan. Because if an unforeseen event arises, things can get very complicated.

Pick a place nearby.

Another tip we can give you is this. When choosing a destination for your first vacation with your baby. We recommend that you choose a place that isn’t too far away. Short journeys make everything easier, especially since many children can’t stand being on a transport for many hours. If you also opt for a destination you’ve visited before, you’ll feel much more comfortable and less tense throughout the trip.

Do small tours.

Are you considering a sightseeing visit? We suggest that you do not opt for very long or complicated visits. For example, don’t consider long walks in inaccessible areas. Or a long day at the museum. In addition, between each planned activity, you should consider several free time to feed your little one, change the diaper, or just take a break.

Locates appropriate restaurants and hospitals.

Another important point to keep in mind when planning your vacation with your baby are the places they’re going to eat. You can look for restaurants where they offer the option to bring their own food to heat. (if your child already eats porridge) Or if they can prepare a special dish for your little child.

It’s also of the utmost importance that you locate hospitals and pharmacies, in case your baby gets sick. You should always be warned.

Hotel Cribs

Hotel Cribs

Appropriate accommodation

As for accommodation, it is very important that you look for a place that can guarantee the comfort and safety of your baby. While the child is smaller, the most recommended accommodation is hotels, apartments or rented houses. As the baby grows, other options such as bungalows, cabins and even camping can be considered.

Therefore, in this article we want to dig deeper into baby theme in hotel, and give you the best advice and with it, you manage to have a safe and fantastic holiday with your loved ones.

What should accommodation be like for the baby’s first vacation?

If when planning your holiday with your family and you have already decided to stay in a hotel, it is appropriate to know in advance the following points:

1. Security provided by the hotel for children

Before booking, it is essential that you do the following questions:

  • The beach and pool have lifeguards?
  • Do electrical outlets have safety guards?
  • Are stairs and terraces safe?

These measures not only ensure the safety of children, but also allow you to relax and rest more peacefully, knowing that your children are safe.

What should accommodation be like for the baby's first vacation?

What should accommodation be like for the baby’s first vacation?

2. Proper facilities

It is not enough that the hotel facilities are safe, they must also meet the needs of the children. For example, it is important that the hotel has family or connecting rooms. That it has satellite or cable TV for children and that it has basic accessories for babies such as cots, strollers or child seats in the restaurant. In addition, the hotel facility must have open spaces for children to play freely and must have at least one children’s pool with anti-slip floors.

3. Family-friendly entertainment

A good hotel to go with children should have planned a wide range of activities focused on children’s entertainment. Ideally, these activities are run by professional animators, although you should also have free play areas where children can have fun alone. For example: a play area with toys and virtual entertainment or a playground.

4. Affordable prices

Quality and economics need not be at odds. Ideally, find a hotel to go with children that offers family-friendly rates and discounts for one of the children’s services they provide. It is also convenient for the property to include items such as a baby cot, stroller or baby bath within its rate. This is a sign that the hotel is prepared to welcome small visitors and that it will do its best to make your stay not only comfortable but also unforgettable. Be very careful with hidden prices, often hotels offer attractive discounts when booking a room. But do not specify what services that include that incredible price, even, often give you options such as hotel rooms that sleep 6, but do not clarify that the promotional cost only covers two or three guests and you must pay an additional fee for the rest of the person.

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby.

On the other hand, we want to mention some dangers in hotels that can jeopardize your baby’s safety. Here are some tips.

Tips to take care of your baby’s safety at any hotel.

Maintain normal sleep habits.

Maintain normal sleep habits.

Maintain normal sleep habits.

As much as possible, bring your baby to sleep at the same time, as if they were at home. Preferably, don’t sleep him in your bed, it’s much better to put him to bed in a hotel crib. Many places can provide you with a hotel cot, so when you make your reservation, ask. In addition, you need to make sure that hotel crib, comply with safety standards and be in good condition. We suggest you bring a sheet or crib blanket that your baby is used to, this will allow your child to sit in a safer environment and help him or her sleep much better. Remember to place the crib away from cables, lamps, and TVs or objects that might fall on your baby.

Be careful with your luggage.

When you pack, it’s very important that medications, small items, and sharp things are out of your little child’s reach. Either inside your suitcase or when you arrive at the hotel

Check the room before you settle in.

When you arrive at your room, it’s very important to check it for things that can cause your little child to suffocate or poison. And try to put phone, TV and lamp cables out of reach. We even suggest you pack a duct tape to stick wires or plug light plugs.

Don’t leave your child alone in the room.

Never leave a child alone in the hotel room, not for a few minutes, the children are very unpredictable, and could occur or serious accident in your absence. Don’t trust electronic devices 100% either. Because even electronic devices can fail when your baby’s life is at risk. If you want to have some time alone with your partner, most hotels offer lists of local nanny agencies, you can hire one to be quieter.

Identify places with water.

Identify the location of the hotel’s pools and pay attention to water-related hazards in your room such as toilets, tubs, hot tubs. Keep the bathroom door closed and use the security lock to prevent your child from leaving the hotel room alone without you.

Zero alcoholic beverages in the room.

Request that they empty the minibar so that they can use it as a refrigerator so that they can store breast milk or formula, this will be a huge help.

Lock the balcony doors.

The best thing to do if you have curious children or climbers is to avoid rooms with balconies. Many hotels have child-proof trancas on sliding glass doors and swinging doors that open to balconies.

Take a walk.

It is absolutely normal for children to want to explore, especially in a new and interesting place like a hotel. View children in bright colors so they can easily differentiate them between people. Explore yourself a little to learn about the layout of the hotel and identify where the children might go if they went wandering.

Have a plan for fire cases.

Know where the exits and stairs are, just in case, and choose a place to meet outside the hotel, so parents and other family members can easily find the way in the event of a fire.

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby

For emergencies

Considering that babies are totally unpredictable. It never goes without wearing a first aid set, for this you will need to consult with your doctor which medicines you can use. But the most popular are antipyretics, nasal drops, antiallergics, serum for diarrhea and drops for gases. It is also useful to bring an arctic gel in case you suffer any slight blows. As well as teething gel in case your first teeth are appearing.

Although sunscreens aren’t recommended for infants, there are approved and tested formulas pediatricians suggest applying to children under two. So you can check with your doctor and ask which one you can use with your baby. In addition to the sunscreen. Make sure you use an umbrella or a wide hooded stroller if you go for a walk with your baby.

In case your little one suffers from some pathological condition such as asthma. Don’t forget to bring all the relevant equipment to attend to any such emergency. Still, we suggest doing a pre-investigation of where you are going and locating the service and emergency centers closest to your stay.

Portable cots for travel

We mentioned earlier that it’s very important to try to maintain your baby’s normal sleep habits. And it was preferable that you sleep in a hotel cot and not in your bed. However, you may not be interested in using hotel cots and therefore carrying your own portable crib. That’s why we want to give you some important tips for choosing the right travel cot for you and your baby.

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby

As you know, there are hundreds of different models of cribs for travel on the market. So choosing an option can be a complicated task. Therefore, we will see together some points to consider before making the choice of travel cot and avoid using the hotel cribs.

Think about it

Before you start searching for the travel cradle, you should ask yourself if it’s really worth investing in. If you only travel once or twice a year. There really isn’t much case buying a portable crib. The hotel cribs. they may be a better alternative as most hotels are required to have these cots in good condition. However, if you travel frequently, you don’t feel safe with hotel cribs or you get a lot of home visits from families with babies and you need an extra place for the little ones. Then a portable crib can be a good choice.

Features to consider before choosing a portable crib:


There are hundreds of designs, some larger and some smaller. Please note that the crib must be easily transportable, comfortably enter the trunk of your car and respond to maximum air and train transfer measures. If it meets both points, it’s a perfect size.


very important to observe the weight of the crib. Lighter ones are usually also more expensive. If you use it for car trips, you may not be so disturbed by weight. But if you plan to travel by train or plane and have to transport it yourself, you may need to consider this point.

Portable cots for travel

Portable cots for travel

The model.

there are cribs for small babies that are very easy to carry when small and light. But that last a short time (the first three months or so). And the travel cots that last longer when having two heights (one for the newborn baby and one for older babies). But of course, they are larger and in some cases , heavier. It may also be interesting that the crib has an opening so that the baby can enter and exit just to use the crib as a play area during the day.

With or without toys.

many travel cots offer toys as extra. This can be interesting if you have a large budget, otherwise you can bring a teddy bear or toy and hook it to the crib.

The 6 mistakes to avoid when buying the travel box

Here are the 6 most serious mistakes we first-timer dads make when we buy this must-have accessory:

1. Rigid Cradle:

Buy a rigid crib, i.e. it cannot be folded or disassembled. Manufacturers already know this detail and that is why, almost all the existing offer, contemplates this feature, but it is not enough to make sure that it can be folded and that it takes up little space once put in its bag.

2. No Cover:

Choose one that carries its corresponding case or bag because in addition to making it easier for you to take it from one place to another you will also prevent it from staining and filling with dust or dirt once you store it.

3. A single height:

One characteristics that I in maternity have come to appreciate a lot is that it is adjustable at various heights, because so depending on the age of the child you will have it higher or lower. This feature is a big hit.

4. Safety Regulations:

I know that these types of items proliferate in stores or bazaars of the most diverse, but I think it does not compensate because the quality leaves much to be desired and secondly it is very doubtful if they really comply with the safety regulations, which does not happen when you shop in specialized stores.

5. No grilles:

I think it is advisable that at least two of the sides are grid because that will facilitate both the small and ventilation of the cabin.

6. Second hand:

Buying a cot for travel is not recommended, although you may find it cheaper but you have to think that it has been used by another children for a long time and we all know that children’s germs, infections and vomiting is most everyday.

These were The best tips for going on vacation with your baby. Now if you’re ready to enjoy a great experience with your family.

The best tips for going on vacation with your baby


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