6 Tricks to pack like an expert

Packing when you’re going on a trip can be frustrating, especially if you have to do it often, that’s why here’s a list of six steps and before you know it, you’ll be pack like an expert!

1. Concentrate and weigh little

Pack your bag the night before your trip and keep in mind that you should weigh as little as possible. Choose costumes and clothes you regularly wear, rather than poking around your wardrobe. If you forget something, don’t stress, remember that you can buy most of the things in your destination, and it will be a nice memory.

2. Roll as much as possible.

Try to travel with only a small suitcase with wheels and remember to roll up all your clothes instead of folding them. It really saves a lot of space and helps prevent wrinkles. To store small things, such as jewelry and toothbrushes, use disposable plastic gloves: it keeps everything separate, organized and clean.

3. Bath local style

To make light luggage and go through the security check faster with your carry-on luggage, leave the large bottles of shampoo and lotions at home; If there is no hotel (or your friend is not willing to share), go down to the local pharmacy or supermarket to stock up.

6 Tricks to pack like an expert
6 Tricks to pack like an expert

4. The trick is in the preparation

Prepare everything carefully, so you only carry what you’re really going to use. Start by locating the essentials; running shoes, swimsuit, sunglasses and a book. Then dress up in the clothes that will serve you for the things you’re going to do during the trip and identify what’s left over Spend a few days going through everything and fight the temptation to fill the suitcase impulsively with things you KNOW you’re not going to wear.

5. Always carry some spare spares

Although it’s best to travel only with carry-on baggage, if you need to carry a suitcase or large bag, always carry an emergency change of clothes in your carry-on luggage, ideal for those moments when you’re stuck for a day or two at your destination without your mistake Ta.

Extra tip: Keep those fabric bags that give you when you buy new shoes or bags and use them to wrap smaller items, such as socks, underwear or swimsuits. Don’t forget to bring an extra bag for dirty laundry!

6. From basics to heels

Always start with the essentials and make sure you have the basics covered: carry your passport, debit and credit cards, phone and charger, hearing aids, gum, disposable handkerchiefs, makeup and painkillers. Then move on to important things, like your favorite pair of heels: you never know which meeting, party or special occasion you’ll be invited to, pack like an expert.


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