5 Tips for traveling with a baby by plane

Going on a journey with young children can always become a nightmare. Even if we have traveled with them more times and have thousands of “tricks” to entertain them so that they do not get nervous.

If also this trip with our little ones we will do it by plane, the haste, the fear of the unknown and the nerves can cause us a bad experience, traveling with a baby by plane.

Although flying with babies is no problem in principle, we need to control some basic details. Sometimes children are afraid to fly. “Most of the time the anguish is transmitted directly by one of the parents and sometimes in a more unconscious way. Even if parents want to hide it, children perceive it the same,” they explain from the organization. Fear of Planes.

Travelling with children by plane can be a challenge. Babies if they are not sleeping have to have their basic needs such as feeding and diaper changes covered. That’s why we’re going to give you 5 simple tips to make the plane trip with your baby as enjoyable as possible and don’t suffer from uncomfortable unforeseen events.

1. Be cautious

If the plane travel lasts more than two hours we must take into account the essential needs of the baby and bring enough diapers, wipes, bottles and formula if you do not follow breastfeeding, as well as water. Although babies don’t need a lot of things and for them being with their parents is the main thing, if we lack the basics our trip can turn into a tragedy of crying and tantrums.

Airport security will let you raise enough formula, but you can also open the containers for security reasons.

In addition to the formula you will need for the preparation of the bottle bottle bottle bottled water. You won’t be able to pass water bottles through security checks, but you can buy them once you’re at the boarding gates or order them on the plane. Most planes have a diaper changer in the bathroom. If not, check with the flight staff for the most appropriate way to change the diaper before doing so in a seat or on the food tray. Some passengers may feel uncomfortable about this situation, traveling with a baby by plane.

2. The most suitable flight

If the flight is going to be short, a good idea is to choose the one during nap time. That way we’ll make sure the baby’s asleep and make the trip quiet. If it is a long flight it is necessary to avoid if it is possible to have to make many connections between flights or try not to be very fast. These transfers may involve having to quickly go to the next boarding gate with the baby and hand-held equipment. It’s better to waste time at the airport than to have to go too fast through the aisles.

5 Tips for traveling with a baby by plane
5 Tips for traveling with a baby by plane

3. Having the unforeseen

We should also be vigilant at the airport to find out if there may be delays in our flight. Babies and young children can get nervous about any tense situation. It is always best to look for a flight tomorrow because they are less likely to be delayed and will give us more time to settle in when we arrive at the destination.

4. Plan everything in detail

Another good idea is to make a list before the trip to make sure we carry everything we need at the airport and on board the plane. Try to carry as light a carry-on bag as possible so that you can move the whole family around the airport with maximum agility. Count on the baby’s stroller you’ll have to leave it at the entrance of the plane and then you’ll have to pick it up with the waste of time that can be assumed if you have to make a transfer. Strollers, backpacks, toys, breast pumps and car seats will have to go through security scanners, so if you get overwhelmed with the baby ask for help at the airport.

You have to ask how the baby will go on the plane at the time of buying the tickets. We need to know if he’s going to go on top of the mother or father or he can go in a seat with a proper chair. Try to book a seat near the aisle in case you need to ask the flight staff for something or go for a walk with the baby to calm down.

5. Lots of patience

Finally, parents have to be very patient if the plane trip is long. We’ll have to keep you constantly so you don’t disturb the rest of the passengers. Babies can get nervous if they’re hungry, uncomfortable, or afraid. Circumstances that are very common during takeoff and landing of the aircraft; traveling with a baby by plane.

In addition, pressure changes can affect your baby and can make breastfeeding or bottle feeding difficult. It is best to avoid the baby’s discomfort when breastfeeding or offering a bottle during takeoff and landing. Don’t forget the pacifier to reassure you if necessary and a good option can be baby-friendly earplugs. They can block out potentially frightening sounds from jet engines and other unusual noises that often frighten the baby.

We must try to be as respectful as possible to the rest of the passengers. To entertain the baby we can carry in the hand luggage some not very large toy that usually likes. For example, your favorite stuffed animal or a storybook tailored to your age. If you’ve forgotten any non-hazardous object, it can help you entertain him like a drawing on a paper napkin. If you’re already old-rated, take some downloaded ones on your mobile or tablet with enough battery.

She also thinks that many have been parents and have gone through the same situation but that also some passengers may feel upset, traveling with a baby by plane.

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