4 places to go on holiday with my baby

We know that for you as a dad, the most important thing is the well-being of your children and more when you’re a baby. It’s natural to worry about knowing where you can go on vacation with your little one

But there are places to vacation with your baby that can be very fun and unsafe.

According to various specialists, around three months of age, babies are already able to take a quiet trip.

To enjoy this wonderful experience with your baby, there are places that provide different benefits, these are some of those that are an excellent choice.

1. Beach.

This is a good option for older babies because you can experiment with the sea and play with the sand.

Gandsas, points out that children under one year old should not be exposed to direct sun, should be in the shade and with sunscreen above 50, or visit the beach at times where the sun is not so intense

2. Theme parks.

María Angelo Barbato Carneiro, coordinator of the Center Culture and Research of the game of the Pontifical Catholic University of Saó Paulo, indicates that playing children learn skills that go beyond motor and cognitive development.

This place is for kids who are already over the year of age, you can integrate them into recreational games designs especially for them. Either way, keep an travelling with a babyeye out for there’s nothing in your mouth, to avoid accidents.

4 places to go on holiday with my baby
4 places to go on holiday with my baby

3. Cities with museums.

According to Victoria J. Youcha, member of Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, toddlers and families in the United States, children from the years who can enjoy a walk through a natural history museum.

In them you can see bones of dinosaurs, dissected animals and insects; you can encourage your imagination and life to learn faster from an early age.

4. Mountains.

Like adults, children can be taken to 2500 meters of altitude without further complications, so they can enjoy the benefits of the pure air they breathe.

Gandas suggesting these places are ideal for hiking with first-step babies; this encourages their succession with nature and love for it. But he stresses that it is important to take action against the sun.

Holidays don’t have to be complicated, you just have to remember to take specific measures for care and in this way you adjust to the holiday spots with your baby being quieter. holiday with my baby


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