10 Very Useful Tips for Road Trips

Very useful tips for road trips. In the holiday season, many of us undertake long journeys across our extensive roads, often without knowing basics that can prevent us from having more than some headache.

That’s why here are 10 very useful tips for road trips

1. Make sure the status of your vehicle

ALWAYS before a trip make sure that the levels of oil, water, brake fluid and in some cases of steering are at their correct levels.

Check the wear of the brakes and tires,

Do not forget to check the condition of the fuel hoses, if they are cracked, you must replace them, even, carry a meter of this type of hoses, it is always recommended, it can get you out of more than some trouble.
Make sure with your mechanic the condition of all the straps of your engine, at any time these are broken by wear or other elements.

2. Secure your tires

Constantly check the pressure, which should always be indicated by the manufacturer, this will maintain an optimal temperature in the tires, in addition to the correct use of the fuel.
It is advisable to always carry a bottle with foam for punctures, they are affordable and can get you out of quite a few problems.

Make sure the condition of the spare tire, because it’s hidden we always forget it.

3. Review your security items

Always ensure that the charge of your fire extinguisher is complete, recharging it is cheap and fast. Make sure all the lights are state, you have an emergency kit and the triangles.

4. Do not load the roof of the car

If you do not have any trunk especially for this, it is not advisable to load elements on the roof of your vehicle, since it changes the aerodynamic profile and can make you spend much more fuel on a long trip and if the load is considerable, it poses a risk , as it raises the center of gravity of your vehicle, making it unstable.

5. Save fuel

Don’t travel with the windows completely open, as they represent an aerodynamic brake for the car, if you don’t have air conditioning, use them moderately open.

Always let the car lose speed on the climb, usually it is 10 or 15 km/h, and if necessary, it lowers a gear, in rise consumption can increase very significantly if you speed or insist on maintaining the speed.

Very useful tips for road trips
Very useful tips for road trips

6. Travel at an average speed

Optimal fuel use is always 90 km/h, but we will arrive much later at any destination. But if we’re on vacation, what’s the rush? Maintain an average speed of 100 km/h if you intend to save maximum fuel, you will enjoy the scenery and have some extra weights for other expenses.

7. Keep a safe distance

Never approach the car that’s right in front of you, keep a distance of about 40 meters, which is what you need to brake in case of emergency, plus this makes it easier for you to see and know clearly what’s going on ahead.

8. Brake well

In case you need to brake sharply or emergency, always tend to do it towards the outside of the road, in case someone hits you from the back, it will propel you out and not against another vehicle.

Never brake hard in a curve, it will leave you absolutely without direction. If you need to brake really hard, don’t brake completely thoroughly, practice movements by pumping the pedal between 60% and 100% of its capacity, practicing this can mean saving your life, since the wheels won’t slide and the car will need less distance to stop.

9. Control the wear and tear of your vehicle

If you’re going to travel several hundred kilometers, always take a liter of oil for the engine with you. Many modern engines are prepared to consume the oil gradually, so it is advisable to always carry oil for long trips, especially if your engine uses some rare thickness or synthetic oil that is not achieved anywhere. very useful tips for road trips

Control the oil level always halfway between the minimum and the maximum, never above the maximum. It’s also good to remember that you should have distilled water if it’s not the right coolant for your car. The water does not contain other chemical elements, some original refrigerants react with others from other brands or natures, gelling and completely plugging the engine.

10. Control yourself

If you’re traveling at night, bring water by hand, open window and good music with you, it will keep you awake. If the trip is several hours, take some bananas, try for at least every two hours, this will prevent cramps that can be from uncomfortable to tragic. Remember that you are always first enjoying the holidays and not going against time.

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