10 tips that will make you a better traveler.

The things a good traveler doesn’t overlook

Travel tips are a lot but sometimes we forget to tell you about the things you should take care of and that a good traveler does not overlook.

We’ve already talked about some tips to save money on your travels, how to travel light, find hostel lodgings and get away from the tourist area to find a good place to sleep at a lower price. That’s why today we will tell you about other details that you should avoid on your travels or take into account. tips that will make you a better traveler.

1.- Choose the dates well.

Organize your vacation so you can travel a week or two before high seasons. That is, if you are going to Rome, do not go there in the middle of Easter, you better travel a little later or maybe earlier to find cheaper fares. You can always find flight promotions where you can buy your flights no matter if you travel up to 6 months later. It depends on the search engine where you are trading you will find rates with fixed prices, that is, with taxes included. In the Young World Search engine you can always quote up to 8 months in advance your flight and the fares you will find will be final price. So there are no longer any surprises at the time of payment with extra charges. tips that will make you a better traveler.

2.- Look for airport options.

Everything has a weak point when saving, if you’ve already started saving on a stopover, then try to get to another airport. For example, if you are going to look for a flight to Paris, and it is not in promo, then look for one that arrives in Lyon for example, by train it is about two hours and although you will spend a little with the train, you will be able to know another destination within your holiday (not bad). The same can be done at any destination, choose an airport a little far away, it will be more economical and you will be able to know a new place in passing.

3.- Becareful with the exchange rate.

For now in Mexico the exchange rate is skyhigh and if you need to change your money for a trip, quote in several places the exchange rate they handle, sometimes a .02% makes the difference between having $100 more on your trip. In Mexico at the airport is where you will find the most convenient exchange rate, but if you are already in another country and need money, go directly to the banks, be sure to exchange it directly with debit or credit card. In banks it’s where interest rates are better or have lower taxes, exchange houses often scam you a little bit. And don’t forget to report to your bank that you’re traveling to avoid being blocked while you’re there for not knowing the movements.

4.- Take traveler assistance insurance into account.

You might think something like this isn’t necessary, but it really is. You never know when you’re going to slip or if someone’s going to throw a ball wrong while you’re passing through that park taking pictures. It will always be good to have a backup or know where to go. In addition there are destinations where it is necessary to deliver an insurance policy as a document at the time of entering the airport. Add insurance or traveler assistance to your travel budget, they’re not too expensive and can save you from panicking in an emergency situation. tips that will make you a better traveler.

10 tips that will make you a better traveler.
10 tips that will make you a better traveler.

5.- Stop at the information modules.

Sometimes we feel that it will be very simple to walk around a new city and it doesn’t really have much complication but the truth is that these modules can provide us with information and save us a lot of time. They will always have details about festivals or some event in the city, sometimes they also have discounts or some courtesies for tours. Then you can be lucky and so you make sure that when you come home you won’t get the classic:
“Ah! I was there and I didn’t know this event was there.”

6.- Czech reviews from other travelers.

If you are going to make a backpacking plan, do not risk losing money because the reservation was bad or the place is horrible and you have to book somewhere else. Today with all the internet access it does not take you more than a couple of hours to read everything about where you are going, tips and comments about where you plan to stay. In the end many of the things we learn as travelers were able to save ourselves just by reading a little before embarking on the journey.

7.- Investigate the documents you need for the destination you are traveling to.

Here in Mexico most people have in mind only the Passport and The American Visa and with that we embark on the adventure. But there are countries like Thailand that need another special Visa. Although most destinations in Europe only need a passport, don’t trust yourself and get ready.

8.- Learn the language a little.

We still don’t need to be experts, but especially if you’re traveling to an exotic place or one that’s not so familiar with English. Not only will it make things easier for you, locals always value when a foreigner strives to speak their language. You’ll feel safer. Learn basic things like thank you, ask about a street, ask for water, ask for it, please ask about a pharmacy and learn the type of exchange. tips that will make you a better traveler.

9.- Know the customs of the place you travel to.

As with language, there are places where customs have to be respected, especially in Asia is where the cultural clash is greatest, sometimes they are very strict with dress, language or with manners. But even if there was some kind of fine or something that prevents you from dressing as you want, there is nothing better than respecting customs and traditions. So, if you find that where you go you have to eat with your hands, you have to put your legs on your hands or eat only with your right hand, because as they say, “In the earth you may be, do what you see.”

10.- Invest in the experience.

If you’re already there, you’ve already saved as much as possible on flights, lodgings and tours, don’t spend it all now on souvenirs. You’d better invest what you saved in an extra experience. For example, if you’re in London, then go see Harry Potter Castle. Or if you go to New York and you’ve got some money left, forget the shopping, get on a helicopter and enjoy the city from the sky. Stories are the best souvenir you can bring home. Today you can find or book in time a tour or activity in the city you want.

11.- Take your camera but don’t live in it.

It is inevitable to want photos of everything we are discovering, we want that feeling to never go away but, do not stick to your camera, because by going behind the lens you can miss the trip at the end of the day. Live your trip and use your photos to remember, don’t miss the trip and use your photos to try to find out what you traveled through.
Step by step we will become expert travelers! If you have more tips share with us, it is always appreciated to be prepared. tips that will make you a better traveler.


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